Today I heard a teenage girl complaining about trying on clothes in a dressing room

and it reminded me of the many times I sat in dressing rooms as a middle/high schooler and even in undergrad crying over my body and how the clothes I loved wouldn’t fit. Since then, I’ve gotten better about my body but I’ve definitely put a few pounds on.

But when I sat and listened to this 15 year old girl in the stall next to me almost in tears talking about how nothing would fit to her mom… It made me realize that there was never anything wrong with me. I was never over weight, I was filling into my body. And if my body needs to be a little chubby for it to be happy- then so be it. I feel healthy… Relatively… But it sickens me that these girls go through this constant tug of war with themselves between wanting to be thin and wanting to be happy with who they already are. It shouldn’t have to be one or the other.

A woman I very much love told me the other day that she loved my body not only because it was beautiful to her, but because it was mine. And that’s what’s most important.

I weep for the girls going through so much pain trying to accept their bodies. And I weep for the women doing the same. I hope that one day they can accept their own bodies not because they are beautiful or incredibly fit- but because no one else in the world has that same body.

Your body is yours. And you deserve love. So love your body because it’s the only one you have.



My 3rd grade teacher once told me to read the books that are the the most damaged on the outside because you can tell by the damage its been read by a lot of people, and there’s usually a great story on the inside.
This advice hasn’t failed me yet.


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